Course Assistant

During the January to April semester, I assisted Dr. Alec Couros‘ & Rob wall with EC&I 831 Course.  As an assistant I shared links and participated in weekly discussion during the live synchronous sessions that were offered via Ustream, Elluminate & Adobe Connect.  Outside of class sessions I also learned a great deal from the participants as I interected with them on their blogs, on skype & twitter and across the web on various platforms as they produced some very neat projects. As an assistant I also recorded a number of screencasts on various web tools and applications

Currently, I spend my Monday and Wednesday evenings with Dr. Couros, and a different group of students for an undergrad course labeled, ECMP 355: Computers in the Education. My role in this situation is similiar to the one I maintained in EC&I 831. During the live sessions, I moderate the online discussion chat and share links. This class is offered both in person and online so my primary interactions are with those that join the course via elluminate. I do visit the blogs of each of the participants to read and comment on their learning and writing.

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